Ongoing Projects
Ingenuinity in progress.
The Team DNS from SRA bagged Second Prize in the 7th Delta International Automation Contest respresenting India globally.
PSP Bot : Pick Sort and Place Bot is customly designed, 3 Axis XYZ Gantry based Pick and Place Robotic Solution for Industry Packaging lines housing variable sized input items or boxes. It uses and efficient item sorting and packaging algorithm to pick and place input items from an incoming conveyor into an output container ensuring minimum space wastage. Its primary use is in the Multinational Packaging supply chain industry for variable sized item packaging and location based packaging.
Smart Multi-Object Realtime Tracking (SMORT) aims to study major types of object tracking algorithms and finally build a robust object tracker which can overcome some critical problems like occlusion, light Intensity difference, re-identification etc.
This is a research oriented project in which a pre-existing algorithm is studied in great detail from its official research record and a custom implementation is created from it. This helps us understand some intrinsic details of the algorithm which prove useful while creating our original custom tracker. Implementation of object tracking research papers.
TitanLegs is a customly designed, small, mobile and economical quadruped robot specially for dynamic locomotion. It houses and is built on a powerful, efficient yet cost effective 3D printed BLDC(Brushless DC) Motor based Actuator.
Minimising power wastage, producing robust robotic locomotion and good mobility are some of the achieved objectives. Our team has taken the approach of designing from scratch most of the components, including a cycloidal gearbox, PCB design; so as to get the most out of low-cost components.
MobMan project aims to build a model of a mobile manipulator capable of performing various dexterous tasks autonomously. The project is divided into two main components:
1. Manipulator Arm: Perform pick and place operations using object detection
2. Mobile Base: Perform SLAM for navigation.